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Confirmation of tax residence of the Kyrgyz Republic becomes easier

The procedure for obtaining a document to confirm tax status (residency) of the Kyrgyz Republic has been simplified. The State Tax Service (STS) of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

This is done to create favorable conditions for taxpayers and to minimize contacts of business entities with employees of tax authorities.

The government approved a regulation on the procedure for implementation of agreements on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of income and capital tax evasion concluded by Kyrgyzstan with foreign states.

According to this document, to confirm residency, a taxpayer needs only to apply with a statement in the prescribed form to the central office of STS if tax registration is available, in case of the absence of tax registration — to the Ministry of Economy.

The State Tax Service

«Previously, it was necessary to first obtain a certificate of tax residency in the territorial tax authority, and then only contact the central office of the STS,» STS stressed.

Legal entities or individual entrepreneurs should attach to the application a copy of the certificate of state registration (re-registration) and a taxpayer registration card, and individuals — a copy of the passport (ID card).

In addition, the procedures for a resident of a foreign state working in Kyrgyzstan without establishment of a permanent institution receiving income from a source in the Kyrgyz Republic were also facilitated.

In order to use the provisions of the agreement, one has to submit to a tax agent an original document confirming his or her tax status (residence). Whereas previously, to obtain the relevant decision of the tax authority, a resident of a foreign state was obliged to apply to a territorial tax authority with a statement of exemption from income tax from sources in Kyrgyzstan.

Forms of application for confirmation of the tax status (residency) of Kyrgyzstan and the certificate of tax status (residency) of the Kyrgyz Republic can be found on STS website.