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Bishkek City Administration decided on minibus fare increase

The Bishkek City Administration proposes to increase the fare in minibuses by 2 soms.

The calculations have already been sent to the antimonopoly agency.

Earlier, the Chairman of Alliance BUS Association, Grigory Nikolaidi, referring to the vice mayor, said that the city administration had sent the calculations to the relevant committee of the City Council.

However, Pavel Desyatnikov, a member of the commission on housing and public utilities, fuel and energy complex, transport and communications, told 24.kg news agency that they have not received any proposals yet.

«But the fare had to be changed long time ago; it’s impossible to keep it at the same level. It is enough to increase it by 2 soms. During the last snowfall, people paid any money just to get in,» he said.

Today, the fare in minibuses is 10 soms, in the evening — 12 soms, in the municipal transport (buses and trolley buses) — 8 soms.