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Safe City project: Cameras may start working before February 12

It is planned to switch on cameras recording violations of the rules of the road ahead of the schedule. The Chairman of the State Communications and Information Technologies Committee of Kyrgyzstan, Bakyt Sharshembiev, told journalists.

According to him, currently, the installed cameras are working in test mode, the connection of equipment continues. The cameras at the intersections are set up for each offense.

«Integration with the electronic protocol developed by Infocom programmers is underway. As soon as the test mode is completed, we will be able to launch the system. The deadline is February 12, but I hope we will launch it sooner. Then sending of letters with fines will begin,» Bakyt Sharshembiev told.

It is not yet known how the letters will be sent. A recorded offense will be sent to the monitoring center, checked, and then the protocol will be drawn up. The Main Traffic Safety Department is in charge of sending the letters, but the postal service has not yet been chosen. A tender will be announced in the near future.