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Diplomatic passport to be obtained for contribution to development of Kyrgyzstan

Member of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Zhaparov proposes to amend the resolutions of the Parliament on Issue and Use of Diplomatic Passports. The document was submitted for public discussion.

He proposes to issue a passport to Kyrgyzstanis who are founders, heads of an executive body of an economic entity in case of payment of at least 10 million soms in taxes each year over the past three years.

Another amendment concerns withdrawal of the passport. Government employees may lose their passport if they violate the provisions of codes of professional ethics and ethical standards in case of disciplinary proceedings.

«The proposal to issue a passport to taxpayers who paid at least 10 million soms every year for the last three years is connected with the need to promote the business activity of taxpayers and is one of the forms to recognize their significant contribution to the development of the country. We hope this approach will serve as a stimulating mechanism for payment of taxes to the budget,» said Akylbek Zhaparov.

A diplomatic passport is issued for five years. In some cases, it gives advantages when passing through the state border. A diplomatic passport is not a guarantee of the inviolability of its owner abroad, but is a document allowing to visit many countries without an entry visa.