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Smog over Bishkek. Fog intensifies air pollution

Air pollution is increasing in Bishkek due to drop in air temperature and fog. The Director of MoveGreen Public Association Maria Kolesnikova informed 24.kg news agency.

According to her, air in the capital is very dirty now. «The situation is aggravated by the fog, due to which pollution accumulates. It is better not to go outside today or put on masks. Use public transport whenever possible,» Maria Kolesnikova noted.

MoveGreen analyzes data from sensors installed in the city. «They show that the pollution passes smoothly at all points, that is, the pollution begins in waves. If there is an excess at one point, then an hour or two it will be at a point nearby. This proves once again that the emissions are not random and the sensors work correctly,» the head of the association explained.

Today, the level of air pollution in Ak-Orgo is exceeded  18 times.