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Government of Kyrgyzstan approves export development program

The government of Kyrgyzstan has approved an Export Development Program for 2019-2022. The Information Support Department of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

The decision was made to increase the export potential of the country and the competitiveness of domestic products on the world market. The program is aimed at increasing the export of products of the sectors with the greatest export potential.

The government believes that the garment industry, fruit and vegetable processing, the dairy industry, green and innovative instrument-making industry have the greatest potential.

The program includes three cross-sectoral areas — access to finance, export promotion and quality infrastructure. The Cabinet of Ministers expects that the implementation of the program will lead to an increase in exports of products by half in 2023 through the diversification of sales markets and the development of competitive industries that are integrated into the regional and global value chains.

«In general, the successful implementation of the program will have a positive effect on the economic growth of the country (GDP growth, investment inflow into the country), increase in employment (creation of jobs), improvement of the balance of payments (capital inflow into the country, improvement of the trade balance of the country),» the message says.