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2019 proposed to be announced Year of Child in Kyrgyzstan

Civil society activists propose the Kyrgyz authorities to declare 2019 the Year of a Child. Director of the Public Foundation Child’s Rights Defenders League Nazgul Turdubekova told today at a press conference.

According to her, the problems of children in Kyrgyzstan require real solutions. Today, 35 percent or 2,312 million people in Kyrgyzstan are children. About 12,000 children live in orphanages. They have no opportunity to get guardianship. Various types of disabilities were found in 29,900 children.

«There are 25 children in a penal colony now. The conditions of their detention require changes and bringing into line with international standards. The problem of child labor exists in the country. One or both parents of 11 percent of the children went abroad to earn money. Children do not tolerate a fragmented approach. It is necessary to mobilize all the efforts of society in order to have the support of regional bodies, Parliament, departments, international communities. Only in such a way we will be able to achieve tangible results,» Nazgul Turdubekova stressed.