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Akeneev: It makes no sense for Kyrgyzstan to build new hydropower plants

It makes no sense for Kyrgyzstan to increase the number of hydropower plants. An expert Azamat Akeneev said after a meeting of the interdepartmental working group on the development of statistical indicators of climate change.

According to him, climate change will have a major impact on energy.

«We should think about development of the energy complex. Does it make sense now to increase the number of hydropower plants, if we would have low water in future?» Azamat Akeneev asked.

According to the UN, climate change has reached a historic high. Over the past hundred years, the average annual temperature in Kyrgyzstan has increased by 0.8 degrees. Warming has significantly affected ecosystems, agricultural development, emergencies, the state of water resources, forest ecosystems, biodiversity resources and health of the population.

To improve the country’s adaptive ability to climate change, Kyrgyzstan has adapted 21 climate change indicators out of 39 internationally recommended, which can now be integrated into the state statistics system.