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Kyrgyzstan plans to strengthen control over private medical activities

It is planned to regulate private medical activities in Kyrgyzstan. Deputies of the Parliament submitted a draft law on Private Medical Activity for public discussion.

As background statement says, the bill defines the main activities of private medicine, licensing procedures, a list of licensed medical activities, licensing control, suspension and revocation of licenses, as well as the interaction of the state health care sector with the private one.

According to the deputies, the current law of the Kyrgyz Republic on the Licensing System in the Kyrgyz Republic does not contain a list of licenses, and measures for influencing the licensee are not sufficiently regulated.

«Therefore, the Ministry of Health can not immediately suspend, close or cancel a license of private medical organizations and pharmacies that have committed grave violations that led to deaths. Over the past two years, according to the Republican Medical Information Center, the number of deaths in private medical institutions has increased (9 cases per year for 356 inpatient beds); there is an increase in HIV / AIDS and hepatitis C, E and B, and other sequelae,» the background statement says.

According to the initiators, the bill will reduce corruption, reduce the costs of licenses and permits, facilitate the licensing processes for medical entrepreneurs working in the regions.