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Bishkek to light up New Year tree today

The main New Year tree will be lit up on Ala-Too Square in Bishkek today. Press service of the City Administration reported.

The height of the artificial New Year tree is 25 meters, diameter — 12 meters. «About 2,400 coniferous branches are fastened on the frame. The New Year tree is decorated with 350 balls, ornament, a LED garland and tinsel,» the press service noted.

The city administration earlier reported that the concept of the capital’s decoration with the name «Winter Fairy Tale» was developed by Bishkekglavarkhitektura.

«The center of the festive composition on Ala-Too Square will be installation of «Ice Throne» based on the fairy tale «The Snow Queen.» It is surrounded by ice hills with multi-colored illumination and animals — snow leopard, red deer, argali and golden eagle. In addition, crystals with illumination were placed on the fountains located around the perimeter of the square,» the city administration said.

The City Administration budgeted 6.5 million soms for the New Year decoration and lighting of the capital.