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Chinese authorities arrest brother of parliament deputy in Xinjiang

Authorities of the North-West Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) arrested a leading Kyrgyz historian, 49-year-old Askar Yunus, for still «unspecified» crime. Radio Free Asia reported.

According to it, Askar Yunus has published dozens of articles and several books devoted to the study of the golden era of the history of his ethnic group. The scientist worked in the History Research Department of the Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences. He was arrested at the end of last month at his home in Urumqi.

«We were informed at the meeting that there were some problems with him. I don’t know why Yunus was detained,» an employee of the Academy of Social Sciences commented on the situation.

Another academy employee also confirmed the fact of the arrest of Askar Yunus. However, he admitted that he did not know the details of the case.

As a member of the Chinese Society of Intellectual Friendship and the Xinjiang History Association, Yunus has published over 40 articles and several books about the Kyrgyz people of the 19th century, as well as relations between Kyrgyzstan and China and their influence on the currently known XUAR.

According to Eurasia.net, Askar Yunus is the brother of the deputy of the Parliament, Zhunus uulu Adyl. The parliament member himself is not available for comment.