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Kyrgyz kurosh offered to be included in UNESCO list of intangible heritage

Work to include a wrestling — Kyrgyz kurosh — in UNESCO list of intangible heritage is underway. Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Dastanbek Dzhumabekov said at a meeting with the President of the Kyrgyz Kurosh Federation Ryskeldi Shamiev.

The speaker believes that the recognition of the Kyrgyz kurosh as intangible heritage would be a historic decision.

Ryskeldi Shamiev told that Kyrgyzstanis won all seven gold medals in Kyrgyz Kurosh at the 3rd World Nomad Games. The federation is considered as international and has branches in a number of foreign countries. In 2019, it is planned to hold the first Asian Championship.

  • Manas epic, art of akyns and making felt carpets (ala-kiyiz, shyrdak), traditional knowledge and skills for making a yurt (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), art of improvisation aitysh (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), culture of making thin bread (pita bread, katyrma, zhupka, yufka — multinational nomination), Nooruz (multinational nomination) and kok-boru are included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.
  • The UNESCO list of the world cultural and natural heritage includes the sacred mountain Sulaiman-Too, the medieval settlements in Chui region Burana (Balasagyn), Ak-Beshim (Suyab), Krasnaya Rechka (Nevaket), objects of the Western Tien Shan — Sary-Chelek, Padysha-Ata, Besh-Aral.