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Statistical Committee: Methods of Kyrgyzstan’s GDP calculation meet standards

Methodology for calculating the gross domestic product (GDP) of Kyrgyzstan is consistent with the principles of international comparability of data for all calculated indicators. The National Statistical Committee said to 24.kg news agency, commenting on the proposals of deputies to change the system of calculating GDP.

It is noted that the methodology for calculating gross domestic product was developed on the basis of the international standards of the System of National Accounts dated 1993. At the same time, it is calculated by three methods: production (monthly, quarterly, annually), final use of expenses (quarterly, annually) and generation of income (annually).

«The first method does not cover all operations related to the production process, but only the results of production (output) and the use of goods and services in the production of products (intermediate consumption). The second method is the sum of final consumption expenditures, and the third method is equal to the remuneration of workers plus taxes minus production and import subsidies, gross mixed income plus gross profit and income equal to it,» the statement says.

The National Statistical Committee stresses that data on the receipt of remittances from labor migrants are reflected in three methods for calculating GDP. It’s about data on the acquisition of goods and services, investing in business development, construction or acquisition of real estate. In addition, they are also reflected in the account of the secondary distribution of incomes of the system of national accounts, like other current transfers of households.