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Introduction of electronic invoices proposed to be postponed in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Economy proposes to postpone the introduction of electronic invoices in Kyrgyzstan to 2020. Amendments to the government resolution were submitted for public discussion.

It is noted that Part 3 of Article 156 of the Tax Code says that the Cabinet establishes cases where it is impossible for a taxpayer to draw up an invoice in the form of an electronic document. In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers sets the timing and procedure for submitting by a taxpayer to the tax authority a third copy of the invoice on paper with the subsequent drawing up of an electronic version.

By a government decree dated June 29, 2018, it was planned to introduce electronic invoices from January 1, 2019.

«The lack of an electronic invoice information system does not allow to fulfill the obligation on its issue to the taxpayers. In this regard, it is proposed to start their drawing up from January 1, 2020,» the Ministry of Economy explained.