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Kyrgyzstanis win 2 gold medals at Boxing Tournament in Russia

Athletes from Kyrgyzstan won two gold medals at a boxing tournament in Russia. Vice President of the Boxing Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Orzubek Nazarov told 24.kg news agency.

Traditional competitions in the memory of Vladislav Strizhov among juniors took place in Nadym city. The representatives of ten countries participated in it. The team of Orzubek Nazarov consisted of a coach from his boxing hall, a participant of the 2000 Olympics, Vladislav Vizilter, and three athletes born in 2001–2002.

Nurseit Ashirmamatov in his weight class won two fights and became a champion. Kubanychbek uulu Umar, also having two fights, won the first place. «The guys had international fights and gained valuable experience,» said Orzubek Nazarov.