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Smog over Bishkek. Violators of ecology norms fined 729,000 soms

At least 286 inspections on compliance with environmental safety have been conducted in Bishkek city. The Vice Mayor of the city Bakytbek Dyushembiev announced this at a regular session of the Bishkek City Council.

According to him, in recent years, the government has been paying great attention to environmental issues, and an action plan has been developed.

«Since the beginning of 2018, at least 286 inspections on compliance with environmental safety have been carried out, 120 of which were planned, 50 — unscheduled, 116 — control ones. At least 160 regulations on the elimination of violations have been issued. About 62 protocols were drawn up, fines amounting to 729,000 soms were imposed and collected. A fine in the amount of 385,000 soms was issued for violations. Activities of three objects were suspended for the absence of dust- and gas-catching equipment,» he noted.

The Vice Mayor added that the law establishes a mandatory inspection only for vehicles used in business for transportation of passengers and dangerous goods, special and specialized vehicles.

«All other vehicles are inspected voluntarily. In this regard, there are difficulties in controlling emissions of harmful substances,» he informed.

Deputies of the Bishkek City Council asked about the level of emissions from the capital’s heating and power plant.

«The work on emissions has been completed, the electrostatic precipitators have been installed and put into operation, the measures for conducting an examination are planned, and funds have been allocated for additional measurements. But today, according to the State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry, the total share of HPP pollution is 14 percent,» said Bakyt Dyushembiev.