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SDPK to purge party ranks before congress

Deputy of the Parliament, member of the political council of SDPK party, Muradyl Mademinov commented 24.kg news agency on split in SDPK.

According to him, before the congress, which is scheduled for April 6, the political council of the party will purge the ranks and expel those members who run counter to SDPK general line.

«This also applies to the current parliament members who came to the parliament from the lists of our party, but did not pass the so-called «strength test» and ignored the decision of the political council. I mean those who did not support the decision of the political council regarding the re-election of Isa Omurkulov as head of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democrats,» said Muradyl Mademinov.

If his conscience allows, let him be a leader, but he is an illegitimate head of the faction.

Muradyl Mademinov

He added that the people’s representatives made a choice and in 2020 they will come to the Parliament from the lists of other political organizations, and the SDPK will do without them.

«Our party is the oldest and has experienced different times. I don’t see anything terrible in this situation,» the MP said.

Deputy leader of the party Irina Karamushkina was the first to tell about the split in SDPK. She suggested her colleagues to terminate their party membership. Her colleague Abdyvakhap Nurbaev believes that not a single deputy, a representative of the Social Democratic Party, has any grounds for withdrawal from the party.