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EU - Kyrgyzstan negotiations on new agreement coming to an end

«Negotiations on the second level agreement between the European Union and Kyrgyzstan are coming to an end. There are only political and a trade-related parts left,» said Boris Yaroshevich, head of the Central Asia Department of the European External Action Service.

According to him, the agreement on cooperation between Europe and Kyrgyzstan consists of three parts. As for the sectoral part, the negotiations on it are almost completed.

«We hope to complete negotiations with Kyrgyzstan in early 2019. We have already held five rounds, the sixth will take place in January or February 2019. We hope to close most of the chapters there. There are problems in negotiating agreements. The cooperation agreement with EU is different for each country. Each country takes into account its own interests. I hope that we will complete negotiations with Kyrgyzstan and will be able to consolidate the agreement before the summer-autumn of 2019,» said Boris Yaroshevich.