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President proposes to open Islamic academy in Kyrgyzstan

The President of Kyrgyzstan believes that in the future it is necessary to create an Islamic academy, whose activities will be under the control of the state. He stated this today at the 2nd International Conference Islam in Modern Secular State.

According to the head of state, Islam, professed by our ancestors, does not contradict the foundations of secular society, the requirements of secular laws. «It fully met the basic interests of the ancient Kyrgyz people. And it was adopted by our ancestors, because it harmoniously combined with folk traditions and rituals, with the nomad worldview. Modern Islam is an integral part of the social, cultural and spiritual development, social life of our state. It is necessary to promote traditional Islamic values, inherited from our ancestors, as an alternative to radical religious movements,» stressed Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

Support for the Hanafi madhhab as a religion of peace, tolerance, patience, kindness, mercy and decency should serve to strengthen the unity of the people of Kyrgyzstan.

Sooronbai Jeenbekov

The President told that taking into account the changing situation in the sphere of religion and in order to raise the relationship between the state and faiths to a new, qualitative level, the Concept of state policy in the sphere of religion was developed. The Law on Freedom of Religion and Religious Organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic is amended, normative legal acts are being developed.