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Thick fog in Bishkek prevents landing of plane from Moscow

Plane performing Moscow — Bishkek flight could not land at Manas International Airport. Passengers informed 24.kg news agency.

The plane of SU 1882 flight by Aeroflot airlines circled on the approach to the capital, but landed at Almaty airport.

«We circled for more than an hour over Bishkek. We were allowed to land at Almaty airport at about 07.00 am. In total, about 150 people could not return to the city at night,» the passengers said.

The press service of Manas International Airport Company confirmed this information. According to it, one plane really could not land tonight.

«The airport is operating as usual now. There was a thick fog at night that cleared in the morning. There are flight delays. This is due to the fact that the aircrafts landed late,» the company commented.