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All trucks in EEU must be equipped with snow chains

Restrictions on the operation of cars and light commercial vehicles in winter, which are not equipped with winter tires, came into force in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). The Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

According to it, a requirement for snow chains has been set in relation to trucks and buses put into circulation on the territory of EEU. In addition, requirements have been introduced for equipping ambulance cars with modern patient care systems.

The ambulances of B and C classes should be supplied with a gurney for placing the main stretchers on the receiving device.

The cabin should have a medical gas supply system with an indication of a high pressure value and an alarm for the critical pressure values ​​in the system. Requirements for the means of communication between the driver and the medical salon and a number of others have been revised.

These changes were made to the technical regulations of the Union on Safety of Wheeled Vehicles. The EEC noted that since November 11, 2018, it did not apply to equipment designed to deal with emergencies and the effects of natural disasters, including various emergency rescue vehicles. Documents on compliance of such equipment with technical regulations are not needed for its registration in the road safety bodies.