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Cost of “free” education at Bishkek schools for parents voiced

In the first nine months of 2018, funds and public organizations have attracted 183,492 million soms at the expense of parents of students of Bishkek schools. Deputy Head of the Bishkek Department of Education Natalya Nikiforova announced at a scheduled meeting in the Bishkek City Administration.

According to her, the money raised by public associations and foundations became the main source of extra-budgetary funds in educational institutions. Such associations operate at 83 schools, 76 kindergartens and 1 center of children's activity.

In total, for nine months, schools have collected extra-budgetary funds in the amount of 212,819 million soms.

“Extra-budgetary funds are spent mainly on material incentives for employees, attracting additional specialists, equipment, repairs, purchase of equipment and consumables,” she said.

Natalya Nikiforova noted that 157,152 schoolchildren go to Bishkek schools; parents of 64,908 children (41 percent of the total number of the students) contribute to the accounts of public foundations.