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Deputies offer to buy medicines directly from manufacturers

Deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan propose to purchase medicines for treatment of socially significant diseases directly from manufacturers. Deputy Dastan Bekeshev announced today at a press conference.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan directly depends on the import of medicines. About 99 percent of medicines are imported from other countries annually for 14 billion soms, including 2 billion soms are spent from the budget. This amount includes drugs for treating HIV, tuberculosis, cancer, hemophilia, and others.

«The cost of drugs includes the profits of pharmaceutical companies and taxes, so they are quite expensive. To solve the problem, it is necessary to amend the law on public procurement. My colleague Alfiya Samigullina and I offer to buy medicines for treatment of socially significant diseases from manufacturers through international organizations. These organizations will not spoil the reputation for the sake of 100 million soms. There are related services, but they are minimal. Kazakhstan and Ukraine buy medicines according to this principle,» said Dastan Bekeshev.

Deputies propose to introduce such a rule at the first stage temporarily, for example, for three years. If the results are positive, then the system can be used further.