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Modern writer Olga Amanova falls in love with Kyrgyzstan

A modern writer Olya Amanova visited Kyrgyzstan and dedicated a video blog to our country.

She admitted that a natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan was fascinating, and only a blind person cannot notice the charm of this small mountainous republic.

According to her, the hospitable Kyrgyz land greeted her very warmly. «The heart of the Kyrgyz people is very spacious, it is generous, full of love and compassion. You will find comfort and understanding in each house. The Kyrgyz will share with you both your joy and pain. The Kyrgyz are amazing people,» Olya Amanova told.

They may not have money at all, but they will lay themselves out to organize a feast in your honor. However, they are not accustomed to complaining about life and whining.

Olya Amanova

The writer assures that the Kyrgyz are so friendly that after coming to them for an hour, you will not notice how you will spend a week with them. Olya Amanova also advices to definitely try dishes of national cuisine, which will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet.

«Manty and oromo, plov and dymlama, samsa and lagman, shashlyk and beshbarmak; kumys, compote, black tea with milk and honey — this is not a complete list of goodies that you can be offered. A complete list is as long as a book,» said Olya Amanova.

Remember one thing: in Kyrgyzstan, every manta or boorsok is made with love and from organic products.

Olya Amanova

Olya Amanova’s impression of the epic Manas was unusual. «You have very strange feelings. It was written by the people who will not disappear,» says Olya Amanova.

The writer is confident that having visited Kyrgyzstan once, you will want to come back again.