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Measures to ensure road safety of schoolchildren to be enhanced during winter

Measures to ensure road safety of schoolchildren will be enhanced during winter in Kyrgyzstan. The Department of Public Relations and Media of the Government’s Executive Office reported.

The Deputy Prime Minister Altynai Omurbekova held a meeting to ensure and preserve safety of school students near the highways.

Nur Satybaldiev, Deputy Head of the General Directorate of Public Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers were constantly on duty at dangerous sites and crossroads near schools. Volunteer students are attracted to preserve and ensure safety of the children. Such measures allowed to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving children and schoolchildren for 9 months.

On October 29, the government adopted a resolution On approval of the Action Plan for the Implementation of a Set of Measures to Reform Road Safety System in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018-2019, developed by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.