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Price increase in Kyrgyzstan lowest among EEU countries

Over the past year, the lowest price increase among countries of the Eurasian Economic Union was recorded in Kyrgyzstan — 1.2 percent. The Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

In September 2018 compared with September 2017, consumer prices for goods and services in EEU increased by 3.7 percent, compared to August 2018 — by 0.2 percent.

For the year, following the results of September, the most significant increase in prices was registered in Kazakhstan — 6.1 percent. Prices grew little less in Belarus — by 5.6 percent, Armenia — 3.5 percent and Russia — 3.4 percent.

«In September 2018 compared with September 2017, the highest price increase in Armenia was recorded for food products (5.3 percent), in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan — for paid services (10.8 percent and 6 percent), in Kazakhstan and Russia — for non-food items (7.7 percent and 4 percent). Along with the increase in prices for non-food products and paid services, prices for food products in Kyrgyzstan decreased by 1.1 percent,» EEC says.