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SDPK intends to remove Isa Omurkulov from post of leader of faction

Official representative of SDPK party, Kunduz Zholdubaeva, told 24.kg news agency that the decision of the Political Council of SDPK to expel Isa Omurkulov would be submitted to the deputies of the faction on Monday.

According to her, it will be given to each member of the faction, they are recommended to convene an urgent meeting to remove Isa Omurkulov from the post of the leader.

Representative of the Political Council and deputy Muradyl Mademinov told 24.kg news agency that there was a quorum at the meeting of the political council. Four members of the SDPK’s political council, kept in the pre-trial detention center of the State Committee for National Security on corruption charges, handed over their letters of authority through lawyer Sergei Slesarev. Chynybay Tursunbekov, who is now abroad, also sent a letter of authority.

«If Isa Omurkulov is not satisfied with something, he can go to court. He is welcome,» stressed Muradyl Mademinov and added that after Isa Omurkulov was expelled from the party, he cannot be the leader of the faction.

He will be dismissed from the post of leader at the next meeting of the faction. The decision of the political council is obligatory for execution by deputies and is not subject to discussion.

Muradyl Mademinov

He said that deputies did not conduct consultations on candidates for the place of Isa Omurkulov so far, but, according to Muradil Mademinov, there are a lot of worthy ones.

«I will not run for the post. My seat is enough for me to defend the interests of voters. But the leader of the faction should play a consolidating role, establish a dialogue between the former and current presidents in order to have no split within SDPK,» the deputy said.

We, you know, have a total confusion in the faction, there are so many groups of interests. It should not be. The party must be united.

Muradyl Mademinov

Isa Omurkulov did not do anything constructive, unlike Chynybai Tursunbekov," said Muradyl Mademinov, stressing that Chynybai Tursunbekov’s candidacy had not yet been discussed.

The head of SDPK without Atambayev Movement, a former member of the party, Sagynbek Abdrakhmanov, told reporters that Isa Omurkulov met with him and supported the movement’s intention to hold an extraordinary congress of SDPK in Bishkek at which they would propose to exclude Almazbek Atambayev from the party. Isa Omurkulov himself does not consider the meeting with Sagynbek Abdrakhmanov as betrayal.