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Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov begins to actively cooperate with investigation

Citizen of Kyrgyzstan Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov began to actively cooperate with the investigation. Press center of the State Committee for National Security reported.

The committee noted that the former adviser of the ex-president of Kyrgyzstan arrested on fraud charges helped the investigation and actively cooperated.

The comments followed statement by SDPK spokesperson Kunduz Zholdubaeva that Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov was not squealing on anyone, and she called the happening around the party members a provocation.

«In connection with public disclosure of correspondence and the statement of SDPK party in relation to citizen Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov, the SCNS reports that at present the investigation is continued in the framework of a previously initiated criminal case. The investigation is conducted comprehensively and objectively. All the circumstances of the origin and spending of these funds are found out. It should be noted that the investigation has enough evidence on the receipt of money by citizen Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov. Currently, citizen Ilmiyanov actively cooperates with the investigation,» the SCNS press center reported.

It is known that Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov, the ex-adviser to the former head of state is charged with receiving $ 150,000 from Diesel Complect enterprise as a reward and so-called sponsor support during the presidential election in 2017.

Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov was placed in pretrial detention center of SCNS until November 28. He was charged with fraud. According to investigators, Ikramzhan Ilmiyanov received $ 150,000 from one of the businessmen. The ex-presidential adviser was detained in Kazan and extradited to Bishkek.