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Press service of General Staff restricts journalists’ access to information

The head of the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan, Gulzat Dzharasheva, did not let Aida Dzhumashova, a journalist of 24.kg news agency, attend a press conference today. Her list of correspondents did not include the name of the representative of the information agency.

Gulzat Dzharasheva could not explain for what reason Aida Dzhumashova was denied access to the briefing. She referred to the wish of her leadership, but did not submit a corresponding document with a seal and signature of the Chief of the General Staff. Moreover, Gulzat Dzharasheva stated that she did not want to work with Aida Dzhumashova and reserved the right to choose a journalist, therefore she did not want to see her at the press conference.

24.kg news agency asked the head of Media Policy institute Begim Usenova to comment.

«Of course, this can be interpreted as restriction of access to information. For its part, the agency’s management should send an official request and ask the General Staff to explain why the journalist was not allowed to attend the press conference,» said Begaim Usenova.

Gulzat Dzharasheva should show an official letter with an explanation on what grounds the particular journalist was not allowed to attend the General Staff events. She herself can not make such decisions.

Begaim Usenova

She added that the decision of Gulzat Dzharasheva can be regarded as an unreasonable refusal of accreditation and it is necessary to get a clear answer why this particular journalist was not allowed to participate in the press conference.

Later, the press service of the General Staff sent a press release following the results of the briefing.