USD 69.74
EUR 79.24
RUB 1.05

Dollar rate in Kyrgyzstan rises in price again 

During the week the dollar rate in Kyrgyzstan again has risen in price on 30 tyiyn. It returned to the positions held in the beginning of January 2017.

Before the weekend exchange offices buy the dollar at 69.2-69.35 soms, sell at 69.4-69.5. Slightly higher the rate is in commercial banks - 69.35 and 69.55-69.6 soms.

Nominal rate - 69,3129 soms (0.18 percent growth per day).

Slight growth demonstrates the Russian ruble. It is close to the mark of 1.2 soms. Today the ruble is bought at 1.15-1.16 soms, sold at 1.18-19.

The nominal exchange rate - 1,1555 soms (0.72 percent growth per day).

Kazakh tenge exchange rate remains stable - 0.2-0.22 soms.