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Omurbek Tekebayev voices names of officials, whose relatives received posts in EEC (list)

The leader of Ata Meken Omurbek Tekebayev voiced the names of people who hinder Kyrgyzstan to join the EEU. He stated this today at a meeting of the Parliament.

The MP is sure that Kyrgyzstan can't join the EEU. People from the president's entourage, who currently work in the Eurasian Economic Commission, hinder this process.

Omurbek Tekebayev asked the Prime Minister how the following people received their posts:

  • Daniyar Turusbekov, born in 1988, was appointed director of protocol of EEC department.

According to Omurbek Tekebayev, he is the son of the head of the Department of Presidential Affairs Turusbek Koenaliev

  • Paiza Suyumbaeva, previously worked as the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, has been appointed to the post of Director of the Migration Department of EEC.

Omurbek Tekebayev said that she was the wife of the older brother of Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee Bolot Suyumbaev

  • Ilya Chernyi, director of the Department of Internal Markets Functioning  in the EEC.

Ata Meken has evidence that he is the son of Anatoly Chernyi - the owner of 45 percent of shares of Kyrgyzavtomash JSC and Kyrgyzradiator JSC.