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Kyrgyzstan introduces post of corruption prevention officer

A new post-officer for the prevention of corruption- is introduced in each government agency of Kyrgyzstan. State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Industry Aidai Kurmanova announced today at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Legislation, State Structure, Judicial, Legal Issues and Regulations of the Parliament.

According to her, the officer will have to determine causes, contributing to a conflict of interest, to carry out evaluation and management of corruption risks in the state bodies. In addition, the Ministry of Justice has developed a new law on Conflict of interest, which will regulate the situations, leading to corruption.

According to the document, the officials (those who hold state and local political, administrative, special positions and employees of enterprises) must adhere to certain rules. In particular, they are prohibited from using official position to influence on the other officials in working out or adoption of regulations, if it may affect the personal or property interests of this official. Relatives of the official also fall within the law.

 These persons are forbidden to accept any gifts other than diplomatic. But even these gifts will be considered as public property and should be transferred to the balance of the institution where the official is working. The state official may repay the gift, but only in the manner, determined by the government. If a gift is got in off-duty time, then the official "does not have a right to issue administrative acts or to carry out supervision and control over the donator within one year after the acceptance of the gift."

The bill was approved by the Committee in the first reading and was submitted to the Parliament for consideration.