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US State Department is studying effects of decision of Kyrgyz Republic to unilaterally denounce the cooperation agreement of 1993

The US State Department is studying technical implications of the decision of Kyrgyzstan to unilaterally denounce the agreement on cooperation on facilitation of 1993. It is reported by the TASS Russian news agency. The State Department Spokesman informed journalists.

 "We were disappointed with the government's announcement of its intention to abandon the bilateral agreement of 1993, - TASS quoted its representative. - We are studying technical implications of the decision, which may jeopardize assistance programs that benefit the people of Kyrgyzstan. It includes programs on combating extremism, increase in economic growth and creation of jobs, improvement of education system and support the democratic development of Kyrgyzstan."

According to the Foreign Minister, thanks to this agreement the United States "provided most part of the assistance with the aim of developing the government and people of Kyrgyzstan for over 20 years." Nevertheless, the State Department noted that the United States appreciate the open and fruitful partnership with Kyrgyzstan. "Sometimes we disagree as this is clearly shown in relation to Human Rights Defender Award. The ability to discuss the differences makes our relationship stronger," the department concludes.

Yesterday the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariev has signed the government decree on denunciation of the agreement. The authorities were outraged by the decision of the Department of State to award the human rights activist Azimzhan Askarov. Recall, he was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of organizing mass disorder, separatism and murder of a police officer.