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Parties.kg. Pronounce you man and wife…

The official election campaign in Kyrgyzstan hasn't started yet, abut the parties are already warming up.

Not gonna get us

The exodus of the members began in Zamandash party. Only in the last two weeks about 10 people left its ranks. Among them are the leaders of the organization - Taalaibek Sagynov, Rustam Mamanov, deputies of Bishkek City Council Stanislav Epifantsev, Lyudmila Ardamina... All of them refer to "internal changes in the party, the mass of contradiction and ambiguous statements."

Taalaibek Sagynov said that lately the party has made a number of important strategic and system errors. "Any political activity is appropriate if there are prospects for the achievement of results. But when hopes are melting before our eyes, the question arises: why am I here? This situation has pushed me to take hard, I admit, but honest decision - to leave the ranks of the party and pass the parliamentary mandate," he added.

For such vague wording hides very specific purpose - to pass in the parliament. According to sources, members of Bishkek City Council Stanislav Epifantsev and Taalaibek Sagynov intend to run for parliament from the ruling party - SDPK. It is obvious that many politicians negotiate with this ruling organization, because under the banner of it the chances to enter the parliament increase significantly.

It should be noted that the deputies of the current convocation are also rushing around in search of a safe haven. Remember, the deputy Nazarali Aripov from Republika flopped over to Zamandash. At one time with the support of Omurbek Babanov, he even headed the faction. But Aripov fall short of the chief's expectation. But the former Republican felt cramped in Zamandash. He decided to pass the membership card. Now the deputy can be seen in the ranks of Onuguu-progress party. I wonder how many other political organizations Nazarali Aripov will change before the election? Although he assured that Onuguu progress - his "last love."

Another deputy from Ar-Namys - Zamir Bekboev left to Zamandash, but when "exodus" has begun, also hurried to leave the party. By the way, the differences with the general line of Ar-Namys began in 2011, when it joined the coalition of the majority, including 10 deputies, while "Dignity" (Ar-Namys) was in opposition. Example of Bekboev - is more proof of the fact that the lists at the previous election was formed hastily, not basing on common ideas and beliefs, but on the principle "tit for tat." And such deputies are in all five factions.

About "newcomers"

Not only deputies, but also officials are preparing for the election. Recently the head of the Chui oblast Kanatbek Isaev resigned. He headed Kyrgyzstan party and intends to participate in the election of 2015. Isaev decided to join other former officials: ex-governor of Naryn and Batken oblasts Kanat Muratbekov and Arzybek Burkanov. The latter was an active member of Ak-Zhol party. The list also includes the deputy Kanybek Imanaliev, who escaped from Ar-Namys and others from Yntymak parliamentary group. The mood of management of newfound political entity is more than optimistic, and as Kanatbek Isayev ambitiously said, his party has a chance to win the election. Isaev also came from Republika party, and just as Aripov, headed the faction in the parliament. However, after a quarrel with Babanov, he became independent.

The former Attorney General Aida Salyanova also decided to try her luck in the elections-2015. She quickly established Kuchtuu Kyrgyzstan party (Strong Kyrgyzstan). The criminal case against her husband didn't affect her ambitions. Surely, Aida Salyanova realizes that it will be almost impossible to enter the parliament with an unknown party, and it is possible that Kuchtuu Kyrgyzstan also will go down the aisle. After all, according to the law, parties registered in the Ministry of Justice for less than one year before the election, can't participate in the struggle for deputy mandates.

Karganbek Samakov, who bought at a reasonable price women's party and renamed it as "Birimdik - Unity", wants to the sixth convocation. But now he's unlikely to receive a mandate. Detention, allegations of corruption, the upcoming trial will not help him to be a favorite of the election race...

It's time to weddings

The process of unification of parties continues. Kyrgyz citizens with their usual humor quickly dubbed it as the wedding planner. In autumn Respublika and Ata-Zhurt married. Their leaders - former Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov and amateur of jumping over fences, the former deputy Kamchybek Tashiev - assured each other and electorate that the alliance will be strong and durable. However, lobby interviews told that the tone of intimate encounters of two ambitious long losers is very critical - their political views are very opposite. But public quarrel - means to kick the fortune. Neither Babanov, nor Tashiev, who got rid of conviction in so humiliating way, can afford it. They will yet cohabit. What to do? Love is blind...

The next wedding was organized between Butun Kyrgyzstan and Emgek parties. Recall, Adakhan Madumarov, before who did not give respite to the incumbent president, criticizing him always and everywhere, suddenly tempered justice with mercy. He appeared with remorse and received the position of the Deputy Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking States as a reward from Almazbek Atambayev. But the groom Askar Salymbekov got bored on the banks of the Bosphorus without political activity and he gave up his post to participate in the elections.

The leader of Emgek party is certainly not the dream of husband. Earlier Adakhan Madumarov held talks with the leadership of Bir Bol, but, according to experts, they could not agree because of the unjustified ambitions of the former associate of Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Therefore, Bir Bol waved goodbye to Adakhan Madumarov.

And creation of a new alliance with Emgek - in despair, most likely.

Make way for the young

Newly created parties have chosen the line of behavior. If Bir Bol party operates on the principle of "slow and steady wins the race", Onuguu-Progress party is betting on visual "trump cards." It hung its banners all over the country, frankly speaking, far from aesthetics and more far from meaning.

Old-time politicians are observing the young thoroughly. The leader of the majority coalition Felix Kulov repeatedly stated that today the young parties have more chances to enter the Parliament, since they do not have time to gain a lot of criticism, and they do not have to be responsible for the broken promises of those who sit in power today.

One keeps an eye open for you

In the meantime sociologists, conducting polls, try to study the mood of voters. Baltic Surveys company of market research and public opinion found out that if parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, the sixth convocation would be formed by five parties: Ata-Meken, SDPK, Respublika - Ata-Zhurt, Bir Bol and Ar-Namys.

Preferences in the foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan will also have its influence on the upcoming alignment. And foreign players will try in every possible way through its adherents to work on helping politicians loyal to them to enter the Parliament. Besides, presence in the main legislative body of the country's pro-Westerners such as Omurbek Abdyrakhmanov and Ravshan Zheenbekov is not profitable for the same Kremlin.

"Odnako" Russian project, after making analysis, notes that there are no parties with anti-Russian rhetoric at the start of the election campaign.

Without a rival

"The undoubted favorites of the election race - the Social Democratic Party (SDPK). Favorable prospects for the party are associated with the figure of president, supported by the majority of population. The Social Democrats less in need of any alliance, but they can close their eyes and absorb a few small parties with vibrant regional leaders," Odnako considers.

The article forgot to add that in the KR there is always a favorite, who has the administrative resource, and the whole army of local officials in the field. It doesn't matter for the latter ones whom to serve for. So Social Democrats shouldn't worry - they will get into the Parliament.