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Kyrgyzstan creates 5 guarantee funds for export manufacturers

At least five guarantee funds for export manufacturers have been created in Kyrgyzstan. The Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Temir Sariev announced today at "government day" in the Parliament.

He explained that the main objectives of the creation of such structures are support of the local farmers and promotion of the Kyrgyz organic products on the foreign markets, primarily in EEU countries. "There is an agreement on delivery of our fruits and vegetables to the Russian Magnit store chain, but they set the requirement that, for example, all the apples should have the same size, that is to be calibrated," the Prime Minister added.

 Also, according to Temir Sariev, in order to support the exporters, the government together with the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund intends to develop mechanisms of export subsidies and concessional lending to exporters. It also considers such forms of support as tax holidays, export insurance and the creation of modern trade and logistics centers.