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Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan to host CSTO trainings in October

The planned "Border-2016" drills of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces of the Central Asian CSTO region will be held in Kyrgyzstan at the training center "Edelweiss" (Balykchy) on October 4-7.

According to the press service of CSTO, members of the armed forces of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, as well as personnel of Special Forces units of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Emergency Situations will take part in it.

The drills will involve more than one thousand soldiers, several hundred units of automobile and armored vehicles, also it's planned to use army, operational-tactical and military transport aircrafts.

The counter-terrorist operation will take place in the mountains. Its members will fulfill the task of detecting, blocking and destruction of combat groups and units of irregular armed groups.