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Central Asia

Kyrgyz special services veterans ask Uzbek counterparts to help with release of our citizens

Kyrgyz special services veterans, led by the former head of the Security Council Marat Imankulov asked their Uzbek counterparts to help with release of our citizens. Marat Imankulov said it today at a press conference.

According to him, if the politicians can not agree, retired colonels and lieutenant colonels of intelligence agencies offer their services. "We are ready to go to Uzbekistan, and talk with the veterans and the acting staff, including the head of the Security Committee to help with return of the detainees home. It is people's diplomacy. What's wrong with it? We are not going to make provocative statements and to interfere in the process of demarcation and delimitation of borders. We just want our people to go back home. If we have seen constructive dialogue between the governments, we would not have talked about willingness to mediate and help to resolve the situation," Marat Imankulov said.

Four citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic after landing of Uzbek MIA employees on an inconsistent area of Ungar-Too mountain were detained and are in the territory of Uzbekistan. Negotiations for their release have resumed yesterday after the end of mourning, declared in connection with the death of Islam Karimov.