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Central Asia

Situation with detention of 4 Kyrgyzstanis by Uzbek policemen controlled by country's leadership

"The situation with detention of four citizens of Kyrgyzstan and all border issues are under the control of the country's leadership," the Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov said.

"The position of Kyrgyzstan on Unkur-Too is known - the area is disputed, so we do not understand the position of Uzbekistan," Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

 He added that the authorized government agencies of Kyrgyzstan are now in talks with the Uzbek side. "We are in constant contact with relatives of the detained four Kyrgyz citizens," Zhenish Razakov concluded.

Recall, about 7 employees of the Interior Ministry of Uzbekistan landed from MI-8 helicopter on August 22 at the undemarcated part of the border near the retransmission unit on Ungar-Too. After that Kyrgyzstan has sent to the area ​​additional police forces and border guards.

 In the morning of August 24, the Border Service reported that four workers of the radio relay station on Ungar-Too were taken to Yangikurgan police station in Uzbekistan.

Kyrgyz radio relay station Kerben is situated on Ungar-Too. A few years ago the Uzbek border guards tried to establish a checkpoint there. After the talks, they have left the disputed area.