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Kyrgyzstan to receive 200 mln kWh of electricity from Kazakhstan

Kyrgyzstan won't buy electricity in Tajikistan. Kazakhstan agreed to supply 200 million kilowatt-hours, the energy companies reported to 24.kg news agency.

According to First Deputy General Director of "National Electric Network of the Kyrgyz Republic" JSC Aleksey Borodin, Tajikistan has rejected the offer of electricity supply during the growing season. "Inflow to the Toktogul reservoir is good, so there is no need to negotiate. Moreover, colleagues were not satisfied with our offer of 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. They wanted to raise the price," he explained.

General Director of Electric stations JSC Taalai Tolubaev said that the protocol on mutual electricity exchange was signed with Kazakhstan. "We have agreed to supply 200 million kilowatt-hours, which we will receive in August-September, and in November must return," he said.

The Government has instructed power companies to negotiate with Tajikistan on exchange of electricity, which will reduce water drain from the Toktogul reservoir, and reduce idle discharges for Tajikistan from Vakhsh cascade HPPs and increase the useful output power. Kyrgyzstan plans to negotiate with the Republic of Tajikistan on supply of 1.5-2 million kilowatt-hours per day. However, due to the increased needs of companies in the Sogd region, Tajikistan can't supply the requested amount of electricity to the KR.