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Central Asia

Tajikistan considers Kyrgyzstan’s electricity supply proposal

Tajikistan is considering the Kyrgyzstan's proposal on electricity supply. The first deputy director general of National Electric Network of the Kyrgyz Republic JSC Aleksey Borodin informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the parties failed to agree during the last negotiations in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). "Colleagues from Tajikistan said they would consider our offer as soon as they return to their homeland. Another group of power engineers is working on the electricity supply from Kazakhstan. The delegation was in Astana for talks," Aleksey Borodin explained.

 The government has instructed power engineers to negotiate with Tajikistan on the interchange of electricity, which will reduce discharge of water from Toktogul reservoir, and it will help Tajikistan to reduce idle discharges from the Vakhsh HPP cascade and increase electricity output. Kyrgyzstan plans to agree with the Republic of Tajikistan on the supply of 1.5-2 million kilowatt-hours per day. The Kyrgyz Republic intends to buy electricity from Kazakhstan.