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Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan detained for preparation of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg (video)

Seven citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan were detained in St. Petersburg for the preparation of acts of terrorism. Russian media reported.

According to "Fontanka," all the detainees are suspected of preparing terrorist attacks on "Gallery" and "Academpark" shopping centers. The searches were conducted in St. Petersburg on November 12 by the employees of the Service for the Fight against Terrorism and the Protection of the Constitutional System of the central office of the FSB and the FSB Directorate for St. Petersburg and the region.

The detention took place in a rented apartment on Kovalevskaya Street in Kalinin district of St. Petersburg. Police officers went there with the servicemen of "Grad." As it became known, Kalashnikov machine guns and explosives have been confiscated during a search. 

Seven natives of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, detained in St. Petersburg, earnestly adhere to the ideology of the "Islamic State," banned in Russia. One of them said that he took part in fighting in Syria.

Prior to the detention, the FSB officers secretly supervised the suspects.

As the employees of FSB central office explained, St. Petersburg residents should not worry: all of them have been isolated. 

FSB of Russia announced completion of a successful operation to neutralize the terrorist group on November 12, publishing fragments of real-time video and telling about their plans to make in the two capitals a series of attacks under Paris scenario. Totally, there have been detained ten natives of Central Asia.