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Kyrgyz citizens commit 636 crimes in Moscow since beginning of 2016

Kyrgyz citizens have committed 636 crimes in Moscow since the beginning of 2016, the Russian media quoted the deputy head of the Public Order Protection Departmept of State Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation for Moscow city, police colonel Olesya Kleshina.

According to her, all foreign citizens in the Russian capital have committed almost 6,500 crimes, which is almost 17 percent less than in 2015.

The colonel added that crimes among foreigners were committed mostly  by residents of CIS - 5,600. But there is a decrease here by 20.7 percent.

The highest criminal activity in Moscow among foreigners show the citizens of Uzbekistan - 1,200 crimes, Tajikistan - 976 crimes and Kyrgyzstan -636 crimes.

"The number of murders committed by foreign nationals fell by 7.7 percent, grievous bodily harm - nearly 3 percent, burglaries - 6 percent, residential burglaries - by 8 percent. The number of assault related to robbery reduced. The number of robberies and rapes remain at the same level," Olesya Kleshina said.

More than 130,000 crimes have been registered in Moscow for nine months .