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Crackup: how companions became former ones

August 2016 turned out to be difficult and tragic for the Kyrgyzstanis. The society actively discussed amendments by the White House to the Constitution and the persistently proposed for November referendum. While opponents of the initiatives held round tables and wrote appeals to the President with a demand to give up the idea, members of the interim Government of 2010 appeared on the political arena. However, not in complete composition.

Roza Otunbaeva, Azimbek Beknazarov, Keneshbek Dushebaev, Ismail Isakov, Elmira Ibraimova, Emilbek Kaptagayev, Omurbek Tekebayev and Bolot Sherniyazov signed the appeal. They did not simply ask Almazbek Atambayev to comply with the moratorium until 2020, but also openly accused him of usurping power. The president was angry.

Despite the fact that August 31 is a special day for the country - Independence Day and the main holiday of the year, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic prepared not anniversary congratulatory speech. He called his former associates the dogs, which "would bark for some time and disappear." Then he described them as troublemakers. Once again he told the parable of the sheep herd, which is led by a goat to slaughtering ... Many people understood whom personally so unflattering definition was addressed to.

Ex-president of the transitional period, invited to the celebration, did not endure the accusations touching on the insults. She left Ala-Too Square without waiting for the speaker to finish a fiery speech.

Former composition of the interim government did not wait for a long time, and on the same day demanded from Almazbek Atambayev a public apology to Roza Otunbayeva. They understand that there will be no apologies. But they have to somehow save the face.

Therewith, Almazbek Atambayev has made sensational confessions. According to him, members of the interim government should be responsible for the use of their official position for personal gain. He actually admitted that he was aware of the facts of looting and the involvement of some members of the interim government in them. Even worse - he also was aware of inciting the separatists by his yesterday's colleagues. And probably the most unexpected- there was no such a high percentage of votes for a new constitution and the election of President Roza Otunbayeva at the referendum of 2010.

 He knew it and was silent for six years? Why? These questions will be answered, most likely after the expiry of Atambayev's presidential term. It became clear for many - there is a crackup in the ranks of the authors of the April revolution. But Kyrgyz politics has a property to be not just an amazing but also very surprising.

Despite more than a hard exchange of courtesies on the Independence Day, one of the authors of the interim government's appeal against the amendments to the Basic Law Omurbek Tekebayev called on all factions to unite with  ... the party in power- the Social Democrats.

 "We are not anyone's servants but the people's representatives. The development of the country is carried out under the Constitution, and though we are made fun of - all six factions should unite. It is not a secret that today the Social Democrats party is controlled by Farid Niyazov and Sapar Isakov. But this party is not strange for me, because I have been arrested because of it. We must unite to save our country," Omurbek Tekebayev said.

They are ridiculed, and it is right. Tacking to save at least some of the statuses of the acting politician should be more graceful.

 The former prime minister and the same interim government worker Temir Sariev looks like more careful observer of the scene. He could not stay away, of course. He suggested colleagues in the interim government still convene a Constitutional Assembly in order the discussion of the proposed amendments to take place at a professional level, rather than on the street.

By the way, Temir Sariev has refrained from signing the application of the interim government with accusation of Atambayev of the usurpation of power. After " the sworn friends" have exchanged "the compliments", Temir Sariev again made a statement. He called to give up reckoning and mutual recriminations. Whether they will hear it?

Therewith, he openly accused of cowardice those parliamentary factions, which, allegedly, initiated constitutional reform. "Responsibility for the reform was actually taken up by the President. This position of the parliamentary leaders should be viewed as either a coward or a lack of responsibility towards society, or as a kind of provocation. They put their names down for the project on introduction of changes, but do not bear responsibility for it," the Kyrgyz ex-prime minister summed up.

Almazbek Atambayev also turned out to be in the firing line. "The Constitution does not belong to any of the politicians, though very influential one. Emotions and resentment in matters of constitutional reform are inappropriate," he said, apparently referring to President incontinence.

 However, earlier on Almazbek Atambayev told journalists in detail the reasons for his emotional speeches. At a July meeting with the media, he told about his negative sides and told what he can be criticized for.

"There is a psychological explanation why people love to criticize. Those who initially have no gift to create, become critics. Similarly, in the case of Kyrgyzstan and fans to criticize me. This is one of my weaknesses - I sometimes react violently to criticism. Sometimes it is an outright lie. I react to it violently," Almazbek Atambayev said.

The national history will tell us who among the interim government members is the greatest liar, but a little later. But it is in an unmanly way to insult women...