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National Bank: Portraits on new banknotes not changed

"Portraits on the new banknotes haven't changed," the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan reported.

"In the modified banknote of 200 soms the sample of 2016 used the same portrait of Alykul Osmonov, the same that of the sample of 2010," the National Bank emphasized.

It is noted that changed only the technique of making the portrait that is the classical method of images on the banknotes - hand engraving technique applied. This is the way an engraving photographic portrait created. Through the application of this technology in all the portraits on banknotes of 2016 sample have become more accurate and expressive.


It is emphasized that the design, including portraits of prominent figures of Kyrgyzstan placed on the banknotes of the sample in 2010, was approved by the commission, formed by decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic dated August 7, 2008.