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Half of mortgage borrowers have problems with repayment

A half of the mortgage borrowers in Kyrgyzstan have problems with repayment. It was stated today at the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on Economic and Fiscal Policy.

According to the National Bank, 50 percent of the creditors repay debts regularly, 49 percent have problems. The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic received 2,171 appeals from the borrowers, 89 of them have repaid loans, and 909- have no complaints and regularly repay their debt. They wrote the appeal out of solidarity to those who have problems with the payment of loans.

As noted, 88 of the applied persons did not take credits at all. As a result, there have been revealed 1,086 false statements.

The National Bank has considered 1,085 appeals from the borrowers who can not repay the loan.

Some deputies called the National Bank to abandon the dollar-denominated loans. Another part believes that Parliament has no right to prohibit the issuance of foreign currency loans. Moreover, it may affect the business.