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National Bank again buys dollars

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan buys dollars again, its web site informs.

As noted, yesterday the National Bank held the second intervention for a month. The regulator has bought $3.9 million in the calculations on the date of the transaction and $2.9 million in the calculations different from the transaction date. Since the beginning of the year the National Bank has purchased $174.4 million.

National Bank was forced to enter the foreign exchange market due to a sharp drop in the dollar rate - to 68.3-68.5 soms. At the same time, the intervention didn't give results. Today, the exchange offices of the capital and the commercial banks buy dollars for 68.5-68.7 soms, sell - for 68.8-69. The nominal exchange rate is set at around 68.7 soms (drop per day - 0.37 percent).