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Vladimir Putin speaks about difficulties of Kyrgyzstan

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference about the difficulties in the relations of Kyrgyzstan with the EEU colleagues.

According to him, in Kyrgyzstan there are still unresolved issues in the field of phytosanitary standards. In this part the country "has its complications" with Russia and Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan has unresolved issues on agriculture. Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to help "friends from Kyrgyzstan" in the establishment of phytosanitary systems.

"Kyrgyzstan's sales volumes on the EEU market increase. And it is important process for all countries in the union," Vladimir Putin said.

"I think Kazakhstan also will help administratively, financially and professionally to our markets provided high-quality products," the president of Russia said.

Kyrgyzstan became a full member of the EEU on August 12, 2015. However, until now the issue of withdrawal of veterinary posts on the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border is not resolved. Kazakhstan removed phytosanitary positions only on October 26, 2016 after the strong recommendation of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Kyrgyzstan withdrew it on November 18, 2015.