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Kyrgyzstan wants to toughen penalty for bribing voters

Kyrgyzstan wants to toughen penalty for bribing voters. Such an initiative belongs to the CEC. As the Commission reported, the relevant draft law will be submitted to the Parliament before the end of the year.

According to the chairman of the CEC Tuigunaaly Abdraimov, they succeeded to deal with violations of the law in the precinct election commissions. "It remains to overcome the disturbances outside the polling stations. By winter we will submit the law to the Parliament. In case of its adoption we will be able to exclude a party or individual candidates from the fight for votes, if fact of bribery is proven. Under current law, it is very difficult," he added.

According to the head of Taza Shailoo association Ainura Usupbaeva, parties, participating in the elections, look for easy ways. Therefore, initiatives aimed at ensuring clean elections often don't find support in the Parliament.

"If the parties worked with the electorate not only during elections, but at least two or three years before that and would show themselves well, they would be elected without bribing. But this process takes a lot of time,it is difficult and doesn't always produce results. Therefore, they choose the shortest, proven and easy way. This is not right. Parties won't develop," she said.