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At least 10.6 percent of voters cast ballots in local councils’ elections as of 10.00 a.m.

At least 10.6 percent of voters cast ballots in local councils' elections in Kyrgyzstan as of 10.00 a.m. The head of the Central Election Commission Tuigunaaly Abdraimov told today at a briefing.

He recalled that the elections are held today in six cities and towns of the country and 20 rural councils. "Before the election, I have visited all these districts and have to say that the preparation was good. I personally met with the members, secretaries of precinct and territorial election commissions (PECs and TECs), and listened to complaints and requests from political parties," the Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission on Elections and Referenda said, noting that 24 political parties are taking part in the elections.

According to Tuigunaaly Abdraimov, according to the new legislation, political organizations have to win at least 7 percent of the votes to take seats in the local councils. The most active are Osh city and Tokmak town, where the turnout in this Sunday morning was 12 percent, while this figure all over the republic is much lower - a little more than 10 percent.

 "Voter turnout is good, I think that the elections will take place in the normal mode without any problems," the Chairman of the Kyrgyz Central Election Commission said and recalled that on the eve 1,407 people have voted outdoors, exercising their right under the law On elections of deputies to local councils. It is those citizens who for reasons of health or disability can not come to the polling stations and voters, temporarily residing in transhumance areas, in remote and inaccessible places, and voters, who are in hospitals and prisons on the voting day.

In general, the lists of voters in the elections to local councils include 270,000 Kyrgyz citizens.