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At least 13 parties to take part in local elections in Osh

At least 13 parties will take part in local elections in Osh. Territorial Election Commission of Osh city reported. It noted that most of the seats-45- are in Osh and the least of all -21- in Kemin.

According to CEC, on March 27, elections will also be held in Balykchy and Karakol towns. At least 14 parties run for seats in Balykchy local council, 13 political organizations will participate in the elections in Osh and Karakol and 10 - in Kemin.

 About 14 parties are going to take part in the local elections in Balykchy. Zamandash, the Social Democratic Party, Kyrgyzstan, Respublika - Ata Jurt, Aalam, April 7 Youth Movement, Ata Meken, the Congress of Peoples of Kyrgyzstan, the Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan, Uluu Kyrgyzstan, Meken Yntymagy, Bir Bol, Emgek, Onuguu-Progress will run for 31 deputy mandates.

At least 13 political organizations: the Social Democrats, Onuguu-Progress, Ata Meken, Respublika - Ata Jurt, Meken Yntymagy, Bir Bol, the Green Party of Kyrgyzstan, Uluu Kyrgyzstan, Muras, Kyrgyzstan, Emgek,  Aalam, Tabylga will compete for 31 seats in Karakol .

About 10 political parties: the Social Democrats, Bir Bol, Uluu Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Emgek, Zamandash, Onuguu-Progress, Baba Dyikan, Ata Meken, Respublika - Ata Jurt will run for mandates in Kemin local council.

As for Osh, representatives of 13 parties will run for 45 mandates. The party of ex-mayor Melis Myrzakmatov Uluttar Birimdigi, who was put on international wanted list, refused to participate in the election. Note, this political organization won the majority of votes in 2012 election. Ar-Namys of Felix Kulov will also not run for seats. Ata-Jurt party will act separately from Respublika - Ata Jurt. So, among the participants are Bir Bol, Kuch Birimdikte, Onuguu-Progress, Democrat, Respublika - Ata Jurt, Kyrgyzstan, Ata Meken, Ata-Jurt, Mekenim Kyrgyzstan, the Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan, Emgek, Aalam and the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan.

Parties have to overcome the 7 percent barrier. Deputies of local councils nominate candidates for mayors and elect them.